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D3 Network
The D3 Network stands for the "Divine Design for Discipleship" Network. 

The D3 Network offers churches and ministries with Curriculum, Consultation, and Conferences. It was naturally established as God opened the doors for divine connections with Pastors and leaders around the nation and the world.

The D3 Network came about as lives were changed through the curriculum based on the book Divine Design for Discipleship and others heard about what God was doing and wanted to utilize the same resources for their local church or ministry. This material was first primarily used in the School of Discipleship at Free Chapel, with Pastor Jentezen Franklin. The uniqueness of the D3 Network is that the curriculum it provides can be used in numerous methods, settings, and environments that are best for each local context of ministry or local church culture. This is why ongoing consultation and relationship is provided by this ministry and desired. It is our heart to help your church and ministry move forward in discipleship and seeing the body of Christ reach it's potential in Jesus Christ. 

We do not seek just to sell a product to be consumed but to provide the pattern or sound teaching and through consultation help each ministry find what is the best way for them to use it in their ministry or church structure and culture. There is a one time Network Fee. This one time Network Fee purchases the Network Curriculum with unlimited in house reproduction of its contents by the church or ministry, discounted books, and ongoing consultation. Please contact us for more information. The D3 Network curriculum is currently used by Free Chapel and also in other churches and ministries across America and overseas.


The curriculum consist of the book Divine Design for Discipleship and the Network Material. The Network Curriculum is made up of over 80 outlines, review questions, and resources that provide both the teachers and the students with material for in depth interaction with the teachings of the book as believers are led through the phases of spiritual development and receive the relevant teachings to what God desires to accomplish during each phase. There are outlines for each foundation, transformation, formation, and impartation phase. This curriculum provides the pattern of sound teaching (2 Timothy 1:13) that it is necessary for each believer to receive and be changed by in order to reach maturity in Christ. (View Now)


Knowing how to use the material in a way that best suits the personality, flavor, style, and season of your church or ministry is extremely important. We are able to help assess what is best suitable for the season you are in, the structure you have in place, or help you navigate through times of transition. Our heart is to make ourselves available to you through ongoing communication by phone and email as needed. Our consultation has led almost every church and ministry to use the material in different ways, manners, methods, etc. according to what is determined best for their specific ministry culture. We can help clarify any questions you may have concerning your current structure and moving into a new season to reach your God given goals and objectives. We offer our help as you desire and need it - nothing is forced or pushed upon you. We have your local church and ministries best interest in mind. This is why the D3 Network is different than just walking in a book store and buying a curriculum for your church to use - flexibility and personal assistance! 


Conferences can be provided for churches or ministries in order to help them move forward in God's plan for them. These also can be tailored for your specific needs and ministry culture. Again we are here to help serve you in advancing the kingdom. If you have a question or desire more info about this opportunity, please just ask.

Divine Design for Discipleship Online

Now anyone can go through the D3 Network curriculum through our online platform that provides studio recorded videos of Chad M. Craig teaching every outline. For more information please go to