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Vision Statement

Our vision: To build God's Dwelling Place by making its pattern plain and moving believers toward maturity for multiplication through the ministry of the Word, books, curriculum, consultation, and conferences.

2 Timothy 1:13:  "Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus."

There is a pattern of teaching or sound words that are to be committed to every believer in order for them to reach their potential and purpose in Jesus Christ. This is referred to in Acts 2:42 as the "apostles doctrine" and is found within the Bible. Though most would agree with that statement; it is evident, due to the health of believers around the world, that most people do not know or understand the pattern or order of this teaching found within the pages of the Bible. The calling and anointing on this ministry is to make this pattern plain in order for God's Dwelling Place (His people) to be built according to God's standard and design.

Movement always follows true spiritual understanding. As the pattern is made plain, believers will begin to move toward maturity in Christ.

Maturity in Christ is often misunderstood to meaning becoming perfect according to the English definition of the word. This is not so. The word translated as maturity is also often translated as perfection, but in the Greek language carries the main idea of something reaching it's intended end. The idea of this intended end for biblical discipleship is seen in the Bible to be multiplication. Believers who are able to lead others through the same biblical process of discipleship as they remain yielded to the Holy Spirit and fruitful in their purpose in Christ. (2 Timothy 2:2 & Colossians 1:9-12) Believers who are balanced and stable in their walk, established in the faith or in the spiritual understanding of the pattern, possess the character of Christ, and equipped in their gifting and purpose, but not perfect in the English language - sense of the word. We can always become more like Christ but the initial transformation and formation of this process that leads to stability (Colossians 2:6-7) does not take years and years and years. The lie and idea that God's intended biblical process of discipleship and intended goal takes scores of years is not biblical warranted. Due to believers disobedience, unyieldedness, and ignorance many have sometimes sought to explain this process as longer than it has to be. Others feel inadequate to begin to become fruitful in the kingdom because they have never began to obey what they have heard; and therefore, fall into the trap of thinking that they just need to continue to sit in church year after year to attain more knowledge before they can be fruitful. The 12 disciples of Jesus (the apostles), Paul, Timothy, Titus, and others are clear examples that God's intended goal of discipleship for believers is not something that is take ten or more years. Carnality, worldliness, and compromise has given arise to such unbiblical expectations. God has called this ministry to move believers, other ministries, and churches toward this intended goal of multiplication.

The specific manner that God has currently called us to fulfill this is through the methods of ministering the Word of God and providing books, curriculum, consultation, and conferences.